Mouth and tongue are an important visual element, in my newest collections.    

 Process painting, drawing, collage, sculpture rocket my quest inside and outside of self to identify our origins, who we are, where we are going and why!~  -

 It happens with doodles, lumps of clay, paint strokes, and lots of textural collage. 


House Cats Guide to the Galaxy, ~ Astro Cat's Got Your Tongue manifest as small portion of my artistic output, focusing on new and re -in- visioned  pieces, which were created over the years.  Most of this work completes itself in cycles of time.


The art works offer a direct insight into a whimsical complex multi-layered output, in paintings, and ceramic sculpture.  The cat bearing witness or providing insight on polarized, native ideas that are part of a duelist, narrative schematic.  As artist human, my studio process became a love story of life together here, and in galactic time, across the multiverse!  A Cat a ’ log, of the days of our extra dimensional lives, in whimsy, fantasy and   joy.


Cat's Got Your Tongue

Cats Got Your Tongue