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Mixed Media ( Acrylic,paper) / Canvas) 53" x 50" (2020)



 An Online Show Opening May 15 - August 31, 2022 

This exhibit has been divided into three "Garden Rooms": Remembered, Observed and Imagined with 14-17 artists in each room with each artist’s literary inspiration and statement in a caption below each artwork. The work encompasses a wide variety of mediums and styles reflecting the enormous talents of the members of the New York Artists Circle, including sculptures, paintings, photography and film animations. Read the Curator’s Essay and Notes about each artist's artwork below the Gallery images. Here is the link to the zoom opening below! The study of gardens as a source of inspiration has preoccupied artists, writers, gardeners, garden lovers and everyone valuing gardens as a flowering of civilized life. One strolls through the gallery of varied gardens from the mythical to the mundane to the magisterial to the dystopian. The verdant narrative unfolds from the primordial Garden of Eden to a city sidewalk crack of green. Expelled from Eden, we yearn to return to it.

Because gardens are so lush and otherworldly, visiting them seems like entering another dimension, passing through a gateway to other states of being and reveries. Gardens open up worlds to us, transforming us whether we are there as gardeners toiling the earth or artists creating gardens on a canvas, readers being transported, or anyone viewing natural beauty or revelers raising a cacophony. The literary and poetic inspirations have been beautifully paired with the artists’ “Edens.”

Please join us! You’re invited to stroll down our garden path to feed your soul and imagination and find a comfortable bench to enjoy this garden gallery, pondering, lingering, reveling and celebrating gardens . . . .



With 45 New York Artists Circle Artists with literary-inspired Art
I Dreamed A Garden: 
Inspired Gardens — Remembered, Observed, Imagined”
Viewable with this link:
Gallery Show Link: 
AND I would love to see you at our online Zoom Opening, Tuesday, May 17,  7 -8pm 
Event Link: Join our Zoom Opening Event on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7- 8 pm
Meeting ID: 882 2725 5966        Passcode: NYAC


An Earful of Birds Smile

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