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 H40x30"W Acrylic and paper/Canvas 2018

 Virtual Exhibition October 2020
Save the Earth: Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis
The earth, our home, is one of our greatest inspirations, but the planet is under threat. Artists remind us of the reverence and awe we hold for nature and respond with a call to action.
The event should last about 40 minutes, starting at 6:30pm.
Art at First Presents
Save the Earth
Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis 
You are invited to a Virtual Opening 
Wednesday, October 7 at 6:30 pm
The work will be displayed with a presentation 
by curators Fran Beallor and Barbara Sherman


Barbara Slitkin  Statement:


While in lockdown/pause have we noticed a Clearing of the Air?  A friend voiced to me over the phone a few weeks back.  Yes, we agreed, our skies have been cleaner.   Yes, less pollution. Fewer cars, and airplanes. In a recent Solo show, I presented a theme depicting the fantasy adventures of a former black and white cat who had superpowers.  I did not plan on painting about ‘climate change’, or to SAVE the Earth, much of my art emerged as things often do out of thin air, and a lighthearted sense of whimsy always letting images come, as they reveal themselves.   Inspiration is just paying close attention!  Ideas spring forth one, after the other.   Sometimes there is a theme, or a general idea of what to do.  That is not usually flushed out from the start, that happens as I go.  Often, with a color preference. Textural elements often help to form images on the work.  I sculpt 3D, and paint, my paintings often bridge both.  



Clearing the Air

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