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Acrylic on Canvas 20 x16 inches



NYAC Online Fall Exhibition De.code ZOOM opening event Sep 12th 6:00 PM
Tuesday, September 12th at 6PM
JOIN US and call your art lover friends for a vibrant presentation of artworks and
conversation about codes!
The New York Artists Circle presents
32 artworks promoting a reflection on the concept of code and its meanings.
Curated by Monique Allain, Ana Luiza Addor and Pauline Galiana.
Exhibition goes online from Tues September 12th until Thurs November 30th, 2023.
Participating artists
Barbara Slitkin, Charles Seplowin, Cheryl Aden, Ellen Weider, Izzy Nova, January Yoon
Cho, JoAnne Lobotsky, Karen Starrett, Karin Bruckner, Kit Callahan, Kristin Reed, Linda
Stillman, Lucy Wilner, Sandra Cavanagh, Sandra Taggart, Sarah Hauser, Stacy Bogdonoff,
Tatana Kellner, Victoria Ge


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