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Garden Performance

Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

44" x 50"










New York, New York

  “The Imaginarium: Universe of the Mind” is a tribute to the surreal, the mythic, and the uncanny. Curated by Darcy Spitz, Sandra Taggart, and Avani Patel, exhibit transports you to realms of imagination through captivating paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

March 17- April 28, 2024
The Great Hall Gallery at First Presbyterian Church

12 West 12th Street at Fifth Avenue
(Please check in at the front desk before proceeding to the gallery)

Opening Reception
Sunday, March 17, 12 - 4pm | Artist Talk 2:15pm

Gallery Hours
Sundays, 12 - 4pm (closed Easter, March 31)

Closing Reception
Sunday, April 28, 12 - 4pm

Here’s the link for the curated online show NYAC:


Ellen Alt; Audrey Anastasi; Bascove; Lois Bender; Laurey Bennett-Levy; Pamela Caspar; Sandra Cavanagh; Amy Cheng; Irene Christensen; David Alon Friedman; Lynne Friedman; Sarah Hauser; Monroe Hodder; Eileen Hoffman; Yvonne Lamar-Rogers; Christina Maile; Aida Markiw; Douglas Newton; Victoria Pacimeo; Avani Patel; Leah Poller; Marilyn R. Rosenberg; Kristin Reed; Barbara Swanson Sherman; Barbara Slitkin; Maria Spector; Darcy Spitz; Miriam Stern; Sandra Taggart; Deborah Ugoretz; January Yoon Cho

Garden Performance

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