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4 1/2 × 10 in
11.4 × 25.4 cm

Josephine Baker (Showgirl and War Herione), 2021


Josephine Baker

  • DR
    Drawing Rooms
    Jersey City

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People named May 20 Josephine Baker Day for efforts opposing segregation in the USA. Born to poverty, was the first black entertainer to gain world fame. As one of the most beautiful and talented showgirls in popular memory Josephine was a star. In 1927, she earned more money than any entertainer in Europe. In the 1930s starred in two movies. During World War2 she became as a spy who risked her life for the Allies. She served the French Resistance by smuggling secret messages written on her music. Honored as a heroine, at death.
    I came across a photo of Josephine Baker on the internet of her seated in the most elaborate flowing ruffled gown that looked as though it could fill an entire stage set. It was a perfect subject for me to interpret in clay and glaze in the ceramic studio. Josephine Bakers image and story has inspired celebrated creative artists in every media. The opportunity to add another ceramic to my existing characters came with the challenge of submitting to Drawing Rooms Woman Who Make the World Better as Josephine lived a remarkable inspiring life as a famed Showgirl and WW2 war heroine.

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