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From my Earliest Memories Collection..Ceramic 2022, 3" x4"
"Our House" * BARBARA
SLITKIN (* Honored to be included in an upcoming Group Show. The New York Artists Circle presents Seeing Music
Featuring works by 30 artists who synthesize making art and listening to music
Curated by Yvonne Lamar-Rogers and Cheryl Aden
Exhibition goes live online Monday, November 28, 2022
Please join us for the Virtual Opening on Zoom,
Wednesday, November 30, 7:00 pm
Being nurtured or sustained by music; making art that shares the characteristics of the music being
played; embodying the rhythm, harmony and passion of music visually—these are some of the
experiences of the 30 artists represented in Seeing Music.
Artists were invited to switch on the playlist of their lives and consider the music that indelibly marks
significant moments—or music that can always be counted on to change up their mood. Many have found
that certain composers or musical artists exemplify the manner in which their art shares a similar process,
such as improvisation or meditation. They selected recent works of art, in all mediums (except for video)
to share along with the music in the space of this online presentation.

Our House

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